ESkill How Hospitals Are Using Pre Employment Testing To Hire Better Medical Staff

Hospitals have historically been at the center of the U.S. healthcare system, and having a qualified medical staff is central to their ability to deliver excellent care. Hiring the right medical staff is critical. At a minimum, patient satisfaction is at stake. More dangerously, patient safety is in the hands of healthcare workers. Therefore, using an evidence-based approach to identifying and selecting highly-qualified employees is a priority.

Using pre employment testing to evaluate candidates significantly reduces the risk of hiring unskilled workers. Employment assessment tests enable managers to assess and evaluate candidates’ job-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities before extending a job offer. And with six of the top ten fastest-growing occupations in the healthcare industry, business leaders need to develop a systematic and objective approach to identifying top talent now.

Evaluating Job-Relevant Skills and Knowledge

eSkill’s user-friendly platform makes selecting and administering skills tests simple. The eSkill Test Library contains a catalog of healthcare employment assessment tests to help hospitals evaluate the skills needed for specific healthcare positions. Hospitals use these tests to assess relevant interpersonal skills, technical skills, and job-specific knowledge.

eSkill’s Client Success Managers are available to assist hiring teams in selecting and customizing skills tests that accurately measure candidates’ potential for success on-the-job. eSkill offers comprehensive job-specific skills tests and in-depth single-subject skills tests so employers can configure employment assessment tests to evaluate the exact competencies required for a position.

eSkill’s job-based skills tests for medical staff include: Registered Nurse, Physician Assistant, Medical Transcriptionist, Phlebotomist, Medical Assistant. Patient Care Assistant, Home Health Aide, Personal Care Aide, Certified Medication Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant, Patient Access Associate, Outpatient Scheduler, Medical Records, Medical Biller, and Medical Director.

eSkill’s in-depth single-subject skills tests for medical staff include: Infection and Prevention Control, Customer Service – Healthcare, HIPAA – Privacy and Security, HIPAA – Health Insurance Coverage, First Aid, Medical Coding, Medical Terminology, Pharmaceutical Terminology, Medical Dosage Calculations, and Basic Nursing Skills.

Assessing Effective Communication Skills in the Healthcare Setting

All healthcare professionals need excellent communication skills. From listening and responding appropriately to patients’ needs and concerns to documenting medication dosage with medical terminology, effective verbal and written communication in a hospital setting is essential.

Effective communication is also critical to patient safety. Yet, miscommunication continues to plague the healthcare industry. According to a report published by Harvard Medical School, communication failures, either between providers and patients or amongst providers, were listed as the top contributing factor in over 30% of 124,000 malpractice cases in the U.S. between 2007 and 2016.

The use of medical terminology is not just limited to doctors and nurses. Every healthcare career requires an understanding of medical terminology, including Certified Medical Assistants, Medical Transcriptionists, Medical Billers, and Physician Assistants. Without a firm grasp of medical terminology, employees risk causing harm to patients. eSkill’s medical, dental, and pharmaceutical terminology skills tests provide employers with an accurate assessment of candidates’ ability to use and understand the “language of medicine.”

Interpersonal skills is another key component to success in the medical field. Empathy and active listening are imperative when discussing procedures, patient needs, treatment plans, and patients’ medical histories.

eSkill’s customer service healthcare employment assessment tests evaluate candidates’ ability to provide healthcare support, discuss medical issues, and facilitate communication between patients and doctors. The topics covered include therapeutic communication, therapeutic approach to grieving patients and families, psychological support for HIV patients, handling serious complaints, issuing treatment plans, and follow-up phone calls.

Reaching a Larger Talent Pool

Hospitals that use pre employment testing and on-demand video interviews select and hire qualified medical staff effectively and efficiently. Technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, and candidate screening is not an exception. eSkill’s healthcare employment assessment tests enable hospitals to reach a larger candidate pool, which is essential when filling in-demand positions.

Mobile-friendly pre employment testing is essential to reach candidates across geographic borders. eSkill’s online skills tests make the initial screening process feasible for those currently employed or living in a different location because candidates can complete the skills tests anytime and anywhere.

Similarly, eSkill’s on-demand video interviews enable candidates to record responses to a series of interview questions. Doing so allows candidates to move further along the hiring funnel in a way that works for their schedule.

Pre-employment testing makes the hiring process more accessible to a diverse and expansive group of candidates and streamlines the process for employers. The recorded on-demand video interview responses are available for hiring teams to review and score remotely and at a time that fits in their schedule.

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