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Fast and accurate keyboarding skills are a requirement for many jobs. In today’s workplace, it’s no longer just clerical and administrative workers who need keyboarding and data entry skills. Parking attendants use tablets to log cars into databases, and customer service agents use chat software to resolve service requests. It’s indicative of the ever-increasing digitization of jobs.

Among middle-skill jobs, which represent the majority of U.S. jobs, 82% require the use of spreadsheets, digital forms, chat software, and online platforms to track customer information and orders. From transcribing verbal messages into accurate written information to understanding, verifying, and editing data, measuring candidates’ typing and data entry skills enables your hiring team to not only find applicants who can manage and process critical data but also mitigates risks. Accurately identifying employees with superior typing and data entry skills minimizes data entry errors and increases operational efficiency, which ultimately improves your bottom line.

eSkill’s suite of customizable typing and data entry skills tests make identifying qualified candidates efficient and effective. Covering various industries, including health care, customer service, legal, financial, and hospitality, eSkill’s typing and data entry tests are specifically designed to measure candidates’ ability to input industry-relevant data accurately and efficiently into appropriate databases.

Types of Data Entry and Typing Tests

Data entry and typing tests can either be administered as stand-alone tests or can be used as a part of a comprehensive test to evaluate all of the skills required for a position.

  1. Standardized Single-Subject Tests

eSkill offers hundreds of single subject-based tests, including the General Typing skills test, 10-key Data Entry skills test, Typing: Contact Data Entry skills test, and Typing: Call Center skills test. During these timed exercises, candidates must fill-in forms and type passages from both reference text and audio recordings.

eSkill’s data entry and typing skills tests calculate words per minute (WPM), keys per hour, and keys per minute. While evaluating typing speed is critical, so is precision. Typing faster is useless if accuracy is sacrificed. Therefore, eSkill’s software analyzes the number of errors in the typed text to calculate the accuracy rate and produces an adjusted WPM.

For example, if a candidate can type a reference text at the rate of 61 WPM, but produces three errors resulting in 97% accuracy, the adjusted rate is then 51 WPM.

eSkill’s single-subject typing and data entry tests can be administered individually or combined with any other skills test in eSkill’s vast library.

  1. Comprehensive Job-Based Tests

eSkill incorporates typing and data entry speed and accuracy tests into hundreds of ready-to-use comprehensive job-relevant skills tests. It is important to not only test candidates for speed and accuracy when typing or completing data entry assignments, but it is also important to ensure candidates understand job-relevant content and are proficient in software relevant to the position being filled.

From Medical Transcriptionist to Order Entry Clerk, Live Chat Operator, Call Center Operator, and Administrative Assistant, eSkill has created valid comprehensive job-based assessments by combining the evaluation of content knowledge, software proficiency, and typing and data entry skills needed for each position.

For example, eSkill’s Data Entry Operator skills test consists of 40 questions or timed typing and data entry exercises evaluating candidates’ ability to:

  • answer questions based on information represented in charts, graphs, and tables;
  • compare information to determine completeness and accuracy;
  • identify spelling errors in typed passages;
  • identify common abbreviations;
  • punctuate correctly;
  • understand and use proper grammar;
  • accurately and quickly enter data from reference text and audio recordings into form fields;
  • accurately and quickly type paragraphs, memos, and other business text from audio recordings and reference text, including text that is mostly numerals;
  • perform basic tasks in Excel, including formatting cells, rows, and columns, and inserting charts;
  • perform basic functions in Outlook, such as declining a meeting;
  • and perform basic tasks in Word, like formatting text, opening documents, and saving changes.

eSkill’s standardized job-based skills tests assign each test-taker a global percentile score. With each candidate benchmarked against all other test-takers, it is easy to evaluate performance accurately. Additionally, eSkill’s tests are administered online and can be taken anywhere and at any time, which streamlines the hiring process.

Administer with Confidence

Accurately assessing how well-matched a particular candidate is to the job in question is vital to decreasing employee turnover, improving productivity, and reducing preventable errors amongst staff. eSkill’s dedicated Assessment Experts assist hiring teams in choosing and customizing valid and reliable skills tests. With a nearly 20-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, eSkill is an industry leader and offers a defensible, trusted pre-employment testing platform.

Use eSkill’s data entry and typing skills tests to quickly and easily automate the initial screening process for entry-level, mid-level, or experienced candidates, especially administrative assistants, customer service representatives, accounts payable clerks, or any other position requiring speedy typing skills, and high levels of concentration and focus.

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