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With much of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, companies are continuing to adapt to a changing marketplace. According to Bloomberg, nearly 70% of companies around the globe are unable to fill roles in their ranks. While businesses are offering incentives and improving professional development opportunities, these efforts are not helping them find qualified candidates.

For companies looking to fill openings in their call centers, finding candidates with the right combination of listening and computer skills can be challenging, especially in the current marketplace. That is why adding call center skills tests to your application process can give you a definite advantage in hiring the right person for the job.

How Can You Use Call Center Skills Testing to Help Your Hiring?

Skills testing is a powerful tool to help you quickly assess a candidate’s hard and soft skills. With eSkill, you can seamlessly integrate your skills testing into almost all popular ATS software, like Bullhorn and other products. You can adjust your settings to send out test links manually or email links to all applicants automatically.

With eSkill’s library of more than 800 pre-made tests organized by subject and job, you are sure to find the test you need. What makes eSkill’s platform so powerful, however, is that it is fully customizable. You can pick and choose questions from other tests or combine two existing tests to create a single assessment tool that can give you the information you need.

For instance, you may include the Call Center Skills Test for a general overview of required skills and the Attention to Detail test to weed out unfocused candidates. Or, you might decide to create your own skills examination by focusing on the most important skills, such as listening or computer skills. That way, you can target your search more accurately, saving you time and money.

Make Sure Your New Hires Are Tech-Savvy with Call Center Computer Skills Tests

Call center positions are relying more on technology to offer customers the best possible service. That means your employees need more than just basic computer skills — they need to be able to handle working in multiple different programs, from databases to spreadsheets. With eSkill, you can easily add call center computer skills testing to your application process, creating a customized skills test targeted for the applications you need your employees to use.

Even better, you can run software simulation tests to allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities in a realistic setting. Not only will you be able to see whether they successfully completed the test questions, but you can also see every step of how they arrived at their answer. That way, you can tell who was familiar with the program — and who may have just been guessing.

Call Center Listening Skills Tests Help You Find Top Talent

While technical skill is important, one even more vital skill for your call center employees is the ability to listen. According to Microsoft, about 70% of the brand loyalty that customers feel is due to good customer service — and that starts with customers feeling that their concerns are being heard.

When it comes to call center listening skills tests, your best bet is likely a call center simulation. You can choose both outbound and inbound call simulations, both of which will test your candidate’s ability to listen to and respond to the problems as they are presented.

Another option eSkill offers clients is the ability to create video or audio response questions. These skills tests allow you to see how a candidate communicates in real time, giving you a better sense of their personality. This insight into candidates can give you the information you need to make well-informed hiring decisions for your call center.

The eSkill Advantage

Thanks to eSkill’s Talent Assessment Platform, it is easier than ever to make the right hiring choice. Skills testing helps eliminate much of the wasted effort of vetting candidates, including sorting through a seemingly endless pile of resumes from unqualified applicants.

With eSkill, you can significantly speed up your hiring process, improve your hiring time by up to 60%, and reduce your hiring costs by nearly 70%.

eSkill’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboard lets you take full control of your company’s skills testing. You can see which candidates have taken tests and how they scored on each one at a glance. You can also go more in-depth, looking at which questions each candidate got correct. That way, you can tell if they are more comfortable with more advanced skills, even if their overall score was not perfect.

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