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As a strategic position within financial institutions, hiring skilled relationship bankers is critical to building customer loyalty and generating additional revenue. eSkill’s customizable relationship banker pre-employment assessments provide employers with an objective approach to identifying candidates with the exact skills and aptitude they need. Since relationship banker jobs vary widely across institutions, eSkill offers a wide variety of combinable and customizable personal banker pre-employment assessments.

Identify the Skills Needed Most

Developing a clear understanding of the skills and aptitude required of a specific position within an organization is the first step in successfully implementing any banker pre-employment assessment. Without knowing the competencies needed to excel in a job, it is impossible to select or construct a valid and reliable pre-employment assessment. Therefore, before deciding on a relationship banker pre-employment assessment, conduct a thorough job analysis.

Simply put, a job analysis is the process of studying a job to determine the responsibilities and activities it includes and the non-negotiable competencies necessary to perform the job. For an in-depth guide to conducting a job analysis, eSkill has created the e-book “From Job Analysis to Candidate Selection” in collaboration with Eric Dreiband, former Chief Counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and Psychologist Dr. Ben Shaw.

A job analysis uncovers the true prerequisites for a position and is also an essential component of selecting job-relevant pre-employment assessments and adhering to anti-discrimination laws. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits using neutral tests or selection procedures that have a disparate impact on protected classes. However, tests specifically developed to assess job-related competencies that are “consistent with business necessity” provide employers with a legally sound hiring process. In fact, using a pre-employment assessment demonstrably designed to align with the core competencies of a position is more legally defensible than not using a pre-employment assessment at all, according to Eric Dreiband, former Chief Counsel of the EEOC.

eSkill’s user-friendly pre-employment testing platform enables employers to configure job-relevant personal banker pre-employment assessments easily. With thousands of modular subjects to choose from, hundreds of “off-the-shelf” yet customizable job-based Skills Tests, and unlimited support from eSkill’s assessment experts, selecting a legally compliant relationship banker Skills Test is simplified. And with nearly two decades of compliance with the EEOC’s guidelines and free of litigation, eSkill is a pre-employment testing leader.

Administer Targeted and Accurate Relationship Banker Pre-Employment Assessments

The role of a relationship banker can vary significantly across organizations and even within an organization. For that reason, eSkill provides employers with customizable and combinable Skills Tests that enable hiring teams to select job-specific and accurate personal banker pre-employment assessments.

eSkill’s “ready-to-use” standardized 40-question, job-based Skills Tests provide banking institutions with a fast-tracked way to begin, including relationship banker pre-employment assessments into the hiring process. eSkill enables hiring teams to view, edit, and add questions to these standardized tests. Doing so ensures the test directly aligns with the results of a job analysis. Hiring teams can also combine these tests to create a comprehensive assessment.

eSkill’s standardized job-based tests ideal for relationship banker positions include: 

  • Financial Consultant Skills Test: This test measures the test taker’s ability to provide clients with advice on financial matters, analyze client investments, recommend customized financial solutions, develop and maintain relationships with clients, and promote and sell financial products.
  • Account Representative Skills Test: This test measures the test-taker’s ability to work with many clients, meet client demands, and interact professionally.
  • Credit Analyst Skills Test: This test measures the test taker’s ability to analyze financial statements and other customer information, prepare reports, assess loan eligibility, and recommend payment plans, including developing a course of action for the credit application, extending a line of credit, limiting a credit line, denying credit, or closing the applicant’s account.
  • Loan Officer Skills Test: This test measures the test-takers’ ability to evaluate, authorize, and recommend loan products; explain various types of loans and credit options to customers; respond to client inquires by telephone or in-person, and review and update credit and loan files.

In addition to customizing eSkill’s “ready-to-use” standardized tests, employers can combine multiple subject-based tests to create a job-specific banker pre-employment assessment. eSkill’s subject-based banking tests include:

  • Bank Teller Skills Test: This test measures the test-taker’s ability to perform a bank teller’s most common duties, including product referral and sales and money handling.
  • Financial Statements Skills Test: This test measures the test-taker’s competencies related to financial statements, including the ability to understand and work with financial ratios, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Numerical Reasoning Skills Test: This test measures the test-taker’s numerical reasoning skills, including interpreting graphs and tables, identifying patterns and relevant information, performing arithmetic, and manipulating data.
  • Math Skills Test: This test measures the test-taker’s ability to perform basic arithmetic. The test covers multiplication and division, percentages and proportions, addition and subtraction, and equations.
  • Basic Digital Skills Test: This test measures the test-takers’ basic digital skills, including their knowledge of cybersecurity, using online communication tools, handling information and content, and using digital devices.
  • Sales Concepts Skills Tests: This test measures the candidate’s knowledge of sales concepts. The test covers several topics, including strategy and tactics, professionalism, closing, and product knowledge.
  • Financial Customer Service Skills Test: This test measures the test taker’s ability to provide superior customer service in the banking industry, including resolving customer issues and complaints, responding to typical banking requests and questions, and understanding everyday financial operations.
  • Business Communication Skills Test: This test measures the test-takers’ writing skills, business etiquette, listening skills, and the ability to communicate in the workplace effectively.

Top relationship bankers need a high level of proficiency using customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to meet banks’ complex and unique needs. eSkill has several subject-based tests developed to assess candidates’ knowledge of specific financial CRM programs, including:

  • Microsoft Dynamics — Financials Test: The test covers several topics, including general ledger, bank management, budgeting, service and sales management, reporting and analysis, and contracts and cases.
  • Salesforce Skills Test: The test covers several topics, including managing accounts and contacts; leads, campaigns, and opportunities; products and quotes; and reports and dashboards.

Test candidates’ knowledge of various types of insurance with eSkill’s:

  • Property and Casualty Insurance Skills Test
  • Commercial Insurance Skills Test
  • Life and Health Insurance Skills Test

eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers provide unlimited support and training to employers, making it easy to select and administer pre-employment skills tests. And with nearly two decades free of litigation and in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s employment testing guidelines, eSkill is an employment testing provider you can trust.

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