ESkill Need To Ramp Up Hiring Quickly

If you need to ramp up recruiting quickly, you need to implement an automated high volume hiring strategy. By harnessing the power of eSkill’s advanced tech solutions, your hiring teams can efficiently evaluate applicants against the right parameters so they can easily identify the best-qualified candidates.

Leveraging the benefits of well-integrated, pre-hire tools does not have to be difficult. With eSkill, your organization can implement and execute a high volume hiring strategy to scale your talent recruitment efforts. eSkill offers a comprehensive suite of pre-employment screening tools, including video interviewing, skills testing, and job-based simulations, that easily integrate into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Learning Management System (LMS).

Modernize Antiquated Hiring Processes

To ramp up hiring quickly, Human Resources (HR) departments need to update antiquated hiring processes and implement automated high volume hiring strategy that provides quantifiable data. More and more companies realize the benefits of leveraging such data and are investing in talent analytics. According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2020 report, 73% of companies surveyed plan to make talent analytics a top priority for the next five years.

With eSkill’s user-friendly employer dashboard, HR professionals can provide company stakeholders with insight to support data-driven decision making. Talent analytics can sound overwhelming, but eSkill makes it manageable. For instance, eSkill’s employment skills tests provide quantitative and qualitative data that employers can view, analyze, and share. Companies use analytics to evaluate candidates, reduce bias in hiring decisions, and can also accurately predict success on-the-job.

Verify Candidates’ Skills Before You Invest Your Time

If you post a new job, chances are you will get an avalanche of applicants. Outdated HR systems are simply not able to keep up with a high volume hiring strategy. However, eSkill’s pre-employment skills tests make screening large applicant pools easy and efficient.

eSkill’s pre-hire skills tests are extremely valuable for evaluating relevant competencies, skills, characteristics, and cognitive abilities of candidates. The eSkill test library offers hundreds of customizable pre-employment skills tests, behavioral assessments, and job simulations that are designed to evaluate an applicant’s fit for any position.

When eSkill’s online employment skills tests are automatically administered as the first step in the hiring process, HR professionals can quickly create a shortlist. eSkill uses the power of predictive analytics to automatically rank candidates based on test scores so you can easily identify top candidates and make faster hiring decisions. In fact, employers who use skills tests to evaluate job seekers often see a 27% reduction in time-to-hire.

Video Interviewing: “Set It and Forget It”

eSkill’s one-way, or on-demand, video interviewing software eliminates the waiting period between steps in the hiring process from application to first contact, an invitation to interview, and offer. On eSkill’s dashboard, HR professionals can set-up talent workflows that include automated communications with candidates, skills testing, one-way video interviews, and candidate ranking. Hiring teams simply record interview questions for a position one time, and then automatically invite shortlisted candidates to complete the interview. Employers post questions, and applicants respond with a video.

Completed interviews are instantly returned to the hiring team for review, scoring, and sharing, and managers can quickly eliminate unqualified candidates and identify top candidates to advance to the next stage of the interview process. This means hiring teams spend less time scheduling and conducting initial interviews and more time engaging with the most qualified candidates.

With eSkill’s team scoring feature, hiring teams can view the same interview, score the responses, and share their feedback with the team in real-time. This way, scoring practices are regularly calibrated and standardized, reducing bias, and improving outcomes.

Many candidates apply for open positions, thanks to the ease of online job posting sites. eSkill’s hiring platform is invaluable for keeping hiring teams organized, efficient, and effective. Employers derive several benefits from integrating video interviewing strategies into their talent acquisition process, including decreased time-to-hire, increased interviewing efficiency, and a more subjective hiring process.

The ways employers identify qualified candidates has changed dramatically during the last decade. Automated recruiting solutions have enabled companies to ramp up hiring processes and improve the quality of candidates selected. If your high volume hiring strategy suffers from manual legwork and email overload, it is time to use eSkill’s cutting-edge HR tech solutions to find top talent.

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