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Hiring successful candidates can feel like a challenging process. Not only do you need to find a candidate with the necessary skills and drive, but you also need someone who can seamlessly fit in with your team.

With the U.S. unemployment rate remaining at historic lows—dropping to 3.5% in September 2019, an unprecedented 50-year low—the challenge to find qualified candidates is the harsh reality most employers are facing.

The pool of candidates is narrower than ever, creating a competitive battle for talent. By 2030, there will be a global talent shortage of more than 85.2 million people, which could result in $8.45 trillion worth of unrealized annual revenue, estimates global consulting firm, Korn Ferry.

To find qualified talent in a candidate-driven market, HR professionals need to shift traditional hiring practices towards modern hiring strategies. eSkill’s user-friendly platform streamlines the hiring process with the largest library of automated pre-hire assessments in the industry, video, and voice interviewing technology, and team scoring for group interviews.

Move Towards Modern Hiring Strategies

Rather than drawing out the hiring process with traditional in-person interviews, top companies are turning to virtual interviews. Interviews conducted online, not only speed the hiring process, but they also give businesses access to a larger talent pool, as travel expenses are no longer a restriction.

With eSkill’s online interviewing services and easy-to-use team scoring feature, conducting group interviews does not require coordinating schedules. Hiring teams can send candidates requests to respond to pre-recorded video or voice questions, or respond to open-ended text questions. Candidates are then prompted to record a video or voice response or type an answer to a question or prompt.

The responses to these interview questions and prompts can then be scored whenever the members of the hiring team are available to do so. Without the constraints of a group interview that requires the hiring team and the candidate to be available at the same time, the interview is completed and scored quickly and efficiently.

Not only does eSkill’s team scoring feature speed the screening process, but it also can be used to facilitate an objective assessment of candidate responses. To ensure a group interview is objective, it must first be a ‘blind’ interview, and there must be a set of predefined criteria that is used to standardize the scoring process.

For the group interview to be considered blind, the video and voice recorded responses are out. eSkill’s team scoring feature allows the HR administrator organizing the team interview to assign scoring of individual written responses to members of the hiring team without access to the name or any other identifying information of the potential new-hire. Not every member of the hiring team is assigned to score every question in the group interview. Rather those with explicit knowledge of the subject matter being assessed are matched with the corresponding questions. Involving key members of candidates’ potential team leads to job-specific and skill-specific questions and prompts being scored accurately.

With an intuitive interface, customizable assessments, and easy to compile scoring, your team can fairly and comprehensively evaluate candidates’ responses while identifying candidates who possess the skills to succeed.

Group Interview Questions

Whether you are hiring a digital marketer, web developer, or accountant, your group interview questions need to be industry and job-specific. When setting up a group interview with team scoring, you can create your questions or use questions from the eSkill library.

Examples of job-specific group interview questions and prompts:

  • Accountant: How do you minimize the risk of errors in your work?
  • Data Scientist: What are the most crucial Python skills for data analysis?
  • Digital Marketer: Describe how you would develop a digital marketing strategy?
  • Home Health Aid: What level of care have you provided? Provide a specific example.
  • SEO Specialist: Describe the steps you would take to optimize a poorly performing website.

These open-ended questions and prompts will result in unique and varied results from candidates, allowing your team to understand candidates’ abilities, creativity, and personality on a deeper level.

Combine the Group Interview with Pre-Employment Skills Assessments

To conduct comprehensive evaluations of candidates’ skills and cognitive abilities, it is best to combine group interviews with job- and skill-specific pre-hire assessments. eSkill equips businesses with fully automated and customizable pre-employment evaluations that allow for unbiased and straightforward candidate evaluations.

Trusted by industry leaders, such as Amazon, Spotify, and Orvis, eSkill’s pre-employment assessments provide employers with data that can be used to make fast, reliable, and informed hiring decisions.

While a candidate may seem excellent based on their cover letter, job history, and solo interview, you will not be able to properly understand their potential without an objective assessment of the required skills for a position. Utilizing eSkill’s pre-employment assessments and team scoring feature for group interviews, you never need to feel uncertain about candidates’ potential for long term success.

To further streamline the hiring process, eSkill also offers dedicated assessment experts who can assist you:

  1. Identify the skills and traits essential for succeeding in a specific position.
  2. Customize an assessment by combining relevant job-based skills and behavioral questions.
  3. Explain how to monitor assessment results and keep assessments consistent.

With eSkill’s online group interviewing and team scoring capabilities, along with hundreds of standardized skills tests, you can effectively reduce the time to hire and costs while confidently onboarding a new member onto your team equipped for long-term success.

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