ESkill How Pre Employment Skills Testing For Government Roles Improves Hiring

As is true with other organizations, government entities perform best when they are staffed with highly skilled employees. However, the challenge for many public sector organizations is identifying candidates with the skills and aptitude they need.

For HR professionals to identify top talent for government roles, they must first implement a screening process that objectively measures job-relevant competencies. With the rapid shift towards a digital workplace and the sudden pivot to remote work practices, online pre-employment testing has become a priority for public organizations.

When configured to align with job requirements, skills testing enables employers to make data-driven decisions, which improves overall workforce performance, lowers turnover, and decreases time-to-hire.

Create an Objective Employee Selection Process

eSkill’s employment assessment tests allow HR professionals to quickly select top talent without compromising quality-of-hire by enabling an objective employee selection process. By testing applicants, organizations can objectively gather data about candidates’ job-relevant competencies and improve hiring decisions.

The first step in creating a reliable and effective employment assessment test is conducting a job analysis. A job analysis is the process of identifying and defining the critical competencies required of a position by conducting employee surveys, interviewing supervisors and subject-matter experts, reviewing the job descriptions, and observing employees in the role.

The results of a job analysis determine the selection and configuration of a job-relevant skills test. The skills test should measure the exact skills and aptitude required to complete a job successfully. eSkill simplifies this process by providing clients with access to an extensive library of customizable skill-specific and job-specific pre-employment tests.

Although conducting a job analysis and choosing a relevant skills test may sound complicated, it is not difficult because every client has a dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Manager they can call for help. The expert staff at eSkill can help your hiring team create valid, job-relevant, and legally defensible skills tests that comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidelines. In fact, after almost 20 years and thousands of skills tests, eSkill has a perfect, litigation-free compliance record—the best in the assessment industry.

Using employment assessment tests to obtain a quantitative analysis of candidates’ competencies results in improved hiring decisions, higher employee retention rates, and increased productivity. And making hiring decisions with skills tests that align with the critical competencies of a position is more legally defensible than not using skills testing at all.

Implement Streamlined Remote Hiring Procedures

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, 5 million U.S. employees worked remotely, some or all of the time. With more workers shifting to remote positions and strict social distancing guidelines in place, HR managers have had to pivot and develop remote hiring processes. Fortunately, eSkill’s cutting-edge hiring tools enable employers to not only implement a remote hiring process but to implement more efficient and effective hiring practices.

Streamlined collaboration technology: As monolithic office blocks become less relevant, and remote work becomes more prevalent, HR professionals need advanced online collaboration tools. eSkill helps facilitate the migration to remote working because it resides “in the cloud.” This makes it easy for HR professionals to collaborate on hiring efforts because hiring teams can track candidate progress, organize workflows, score and review on-demand interviews, rank candidates, and move candidates through the hiring pipeline rapidly and effectively.

Technology integration: eSkill integrates with popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as NeoGov. With integrated technologies, hiring teams do not have to juggle multiple applications. They can manage their entire hiring process from a single platform. Technology integration also means employees do not have to manually input data or invest hours sending tests and interview invitations or administering and managing test results.

Skills testing: eSkill’s Employer Dashboard gives HR teams the ability to select, customize, administer, and score skills tests from any location online. Leveraging skills tests during the early stages of the hiring process automates the initial shortlisting of candidates and improves quality-of-hire.

On-demand video interviews: eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing technology gives hiring teams the ability to interview candidates remotely, objectively, and efficiently. Instead of scheduling live 1:1 interviews, employers can automatically send a set of prerecorded interview questions to top-ranked candidates. Using eSkill’s Employer Dashboard, hiring teams can score the responses based on a pre-determined set of criteria. An HR administrator can select “reviewers” from the hiring team to score interview responses. The administrator can then review, approve, and average the resulting scores. The result is a fair, consistent, and objective process for evaluating candidates.

Job simulation tests: At a time when health concerns mean that candidates cannot demonstrate their skills in-person, job simulation tests provide organizations with a way to measure job-seekers’ ability to complete on-the-job tasks. eSkill’s job simulation tests replicate real working conditions so it is possible to evaluate candidates’ skills accurately. From computer programming to accounting tasks, live chat operator skills, and more, eSkill offers a wide variety of online job simulation tests.

Advanced automation: Organizations can now make every step in their remote hiring process more efficient with eSkill’s technology-powered automation capabilities, including:

  • Auto-ranking and progressing candidates based on scores
  • Sending customized auto-filled communications to candidates at every stage of hiring
  • Generating detailed score reports for each candidate

eSkill has a proven track record of developing customized skills tests for government roles that ensure legal compliance, improve hiring decisions, and, ultimately, lower employee turnover.

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