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NORTH CHELMSFORD, MA, August 5, 2020 – eSkill, a leading provider of pre-employment assessments, skills tests, video interviewing software, and behavioral assessment solutions today announced that it has received a Leader Award in the Video Interview Software category by, a large global tech marketplace.

HR managers and recruiters in a wide range of industries use video interviewing software to streamline the applicant screening process so they can easily identify the best-qualified candidates for open positions. To qualify for inclusion in the Video Interviewing software category, a product must:

  • Streamline and simplify the interviewing process,
  • Offer remote video interviewing capabilities for a wide range of job roles,
  • Track candidate screening processes,
  • Provide integrations to applicant tracking (ATS) systems, and,
  • Include pre-recorded interviews, live video interviews or both.

There are two main types of video interviews—pre-recorded and live. In a pre-recorded interview applicants respond to a list of pre-determined questions. Live video interviews provide a platform where recruiters can conduct remote interviews online and in real-time.

According to Eric Friedman, “We are proud to be recognized once again by G2 as a premier provider of employment assessment solutions that help organizations decrease recruiting costs and reduce time-to-hire. Our video interviewing software is fully integrable into our skills tests and takes the ‘guesswork’ out of hiring by helping HR managers get a complete understanding of candidates’ abilities.”

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About eSkill

Founded in 2003, eSkill is a leading provider of employment assessment solutions that are accurate, thorough, and compliant predictors of employee success. Since its launch eSkill has become a global leader in the employment testing industry and has expanded its offerings to include cognitive aptitude tests, video interviewing software, and behavioral assessments. Its solutions enable hiring and training managers to configure tests from eSkill’s extensive Skills Test Library to match their hiring and training needs and reduce the risk of hiring failures and discrimination litigation.

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