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Administrative employees are the backbone of most organizations. A good administrator who takes the initiative without being asked and does not require much supervision to perform their job is worth their weight in gold. So, when recruiting for administrative roles, it is essential to use an industry-leading employment skills testing solution such as the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM to quickly identify top candidates.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for administrative employees is projected to grow 7% from 2021 to 2031. However, organizations are finding it challenging to find qualified employees to fill critical job roles because of the talent shortage. Since companies need to recruit and hire top-quality employees to remain competitive, many are implementing employment skills testing solutions to find the best administrative employees.

Find Top Administrative Candidates

eSkill offers a variety of “ready-to-use” tests for employment to help organizations instantly identify top candidates with the skills and behavioral attributes needed to succeed in administrative roles. You can opt to use “off-the-shelf” employment skills tests, create an assessment that tests skills in several areas, or build custom skills tests.

Off-the-Shelf Employment Skills Tests for Administrative Roles

When hiring administrative employees, many organizations use employment skills tests to evaluate candidates’ computer proficiency. HR professionals also assess their ability to interact with customers on the phone, by email, and in person and perform administrative tasks using various computer applications.

It is also common for companies to test administrative candidates on customer service and event planning abilities, and some employers assess business communication, filing, time management, and written and verbal communication skills.

These are examples of tests for employment in the eSkill Assessment Library, which you can use to evaluate applicants for administrative positions. You can use them as is or delete questions that do not apply to the job you want to fill.

  • Administrative Officer Skills
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Telephone and Email Etiquette
  • Written and Verbal Communication

Create Multi-Subject Tests for Employment

HR leaders can also combine questions from multiple assessments to create multi-subject tests for employment that perfectly match the requirements of any position.

Suppose you need an administrative officer who will have a lot of contact with the public and will also be responsible for creating and maintaining reports and spreadsheets. You can choose questions from the Customer Service and the Typing and Data Entry Skills Tests and include questions from the Basic Math and the Telephone and Email Etiquette Skills Tests.

You can also include simulations such as Chat and Multitasking in employment skills tests. Simulations present applicants with realistic on-the-job scenarios so you can evaluate the applicants’ performance. Since almost 80% of all jobs require computer proficiency, many employers add an MS Office® Simulation to test Word® and Excel® skills. Within 10 years, 90% of all jobs will require digital literacy skills. So, many employers also include a Digital Literacy Simulation.

Build Customized Employment Skills Tests

Many employerswant to build customized tests for employment by selecting questions from multiple skills tests and adding their own questions. This is an ideal option for organizations that need to include proprietary content in employment skills tests.

Suppose you are hiring manufacturing technicians and need to verify that candidates know how to fix or maintain certain types of machinery. You can select questions from the Mechanical Aptitude or the Maintenance Technician Skills Tests, adding questions about your machinery and equipment to assess their ability to troubleshoot and fix it.

Employment Tests for a Streamlined Approach to Hiring

The data you gather by requiring administrative applicants to take employment skills tests will enable your organization to make data-driven hiring decisions instead of relying on “gut” feelings.

This ensures you hire the best candidate for the job and prevents unconscious and subjective bias from influencing hiring decisions. This is important because studies show that companies that prioritize diversity in the workspace through gender (25%) and ethnicity (36%) are more productive than their competitors.

Do you want to see how easy it is to create tests for employment that help you identify top candidates for administrative roles? Contact us to request a demo.

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