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The entire healthcare industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation. Some changes, like the move to electronic health records (EHRs), have been underway for decades. Others, like telehealth, were gaining acceptance but experienced a significant surge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More is expected of healthcare support staff, which means they need a wide range of skills ranging from hard skills like computer and data entry skills to soft skills like collaboration and time management.

So, it is not surprising that healthcare organizations are changing how they hire medical support staff.

Many healthcare institutions and practices are adopting medical support assessment tests so they can easily identify applicants with the required skills for their open job roles. With employment assessments for medical support staff, they can simplify and streamline their hiring process and supercharge employee development.

How Medical Support Assessment Tests Improve Hiring

With an industry-leading hiring solution like the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM, it is easy to incorporate medical support assessment tests into your recruiting process. You can instantly screen candidates based on their skills and knowledge and create a pre-screened pool of qualified candidates. This means you will avoid wasting hours that you would spend reviewing hundreds of resumes.

The eSkill Assessment Library includes skills tests that measure basic abilities such as Typing, Data Entry, and Attention to Detail and tests that measure computer proficiency such as MS Office® and the Digital Literacy Simulation.

The library also includes employment assessments for medical support staff such as Medical Assistant, Medical Terminology, and Medical Office Administration, and tests for specific support roles such as medical billing, medical transcription, and medical coding.

You can choose from hundreds of off-the-shelf assessments and add or delete questions. If you prefer, you can build your own medical support assessment tests by selecting questions from one or more tests. For example, if you were hiring customer service representatives and needed to ensure they understood basic medical terms and HIPAA regulations, you could use the Healthcare Customer Service test and include questions from the HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards and Medical Terminology assessments.

Many HR teams opt to include video questions and simulations in employment assessments for medical support staff. Video questions enable you to measure abilities you cannot evaluate on paper, such as verbal communication and foreign language skills. Simulations replicate on-the-job situations candidates are likely to encounter. So, including them in medical support assessment tests helps determine how candidates will perform if hired.

Employment Assessments For Developing Medical Support Staff

According to a Deloitte study, employees in the healthcare industry will need the ability to quickly adapt to new technology in the workplace, from telehealth to EHRs. This means professional development for new and current employees in healthcare organizations will be paramount.

Medical support assessment tests should be part of your employee development program because you can use the results to create a benchmark snapshot of each employee’s skills. This will help you pinpoint knowledge gaps and determine where employees should focus their development efforts to increase their value to the organization and develop skills to help them meet their career goals.

For instance, if employees have good, basic computer skills, they might be interested in mastering intermediate and advanced functions on applications they use consistently. They might also be interested in learning new skills like medical billing and coding or medical transcription.

Employment assessments for medical support staff are also helpful when you need to ensure your team understands important industry and legal regulations associated with their roles. For example, tests on HIPAA policies can help you ensure employees know how to manage patient information to confirm your organization is in compliance with federal laws. You can also create medical support assessment tests to ensure all staff members are current on organizational policies and procedures.

Many HR and training managers test employees before administering training. After completing the training, employees retake the test so it is possible to compare the new results to their previous results. This helps HR and training leaders to see how well employees absorbed training material and whether they need to adjust training methods and strategies.

Do you want to see how employment assessments for medical support staff can help you improve hiring outcomes and facilitate employee development? Contact us to request a demo.

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