ESkill Why Communication Skills Tests Are Critical For Hiring Now

When listing skills that are essential in the modern workplace, many think of complex, specific technical abilities such as data analytics, accounting, or project management. But human resource (HR) professionals nationwide say look for effective communication skills in candidates. 

It can be easy to assume that candidates possess basic communication skills. But many people lack fundamental elements of effective communication in a professional setting, which can lead to costly misunderstandings and mistakes as well as lower morale. Here are six reasons why using communication skills tests is the key to hiring top talent in today’s business landscape.

  1. Effective Communication is Critical in When Working Remotely

Although important in any situation, communication is a key factor to consider when hiring for remote roles. Since more employees are working remotely, face-to-face interactions are at a minimum. This means that excellent written and verbal communication skills are in high demand.

Use eSkill’s suite of communication skills tests to measure candidates’ ability to:

  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues
  • Explain information to others clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing
  • Know when and how to ask questions
  • Actively listen

In a remote setting, strong communicators excel at working with others and moving projects forward.

  1. Strong Communication Leads to Effective Collaboration

Communication is an interactive process that is much more complex than just one person talking or writing and another person receiving the information. Both senders and receivers need to provide, receive, and interpret feedback to keep the conversation productive, particularly for difficult or complex concepts or messages. Individuals who are good at actively seeking and sharing feedback excel at collaborating with colleagues.

eSkill’s listening skills test measures candidates’ ability to understand and retain information and apply it to novel scenarios. By placing importance on this aspect of communication during candidate evaluations, HR professionals can significantly improve efficiency in their workplaces.

  1. Misinterpreted Messages Lower Productivity

There is always a possibility that the recipient of a message will misinterpret the information or its intended tone. In the workplace, it is ultimately the responsibility of the person sending the message to ensure it is received properly. Candidates who can communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing, are more efficient workers.

  1. Social Skills Drive Revenue

Since social skills like communication are much harder to learn than technical skills, they are the most important factor when hiring for customer-facing positions such as sales representatives and customer service agents. Creating an enjoyable experience for customers means they will spend more. In fact, 86% of consumers report willingly paying more for a product or service when they receive a great customer experience.

eSkill’s social skills tests are incorporated into hundreds of job-based skills tests such as the Call Center Representative Hospitality Associate skills tests. Social skills tests measure candidates’ customer service orientation, listening skills, and collaboration skills.

  1. Communication Facilitates an Agile Workforce

As technology continues to eliminate some jobs and create new ones, candidates with transferable skills will remain in high demand. Transferable skills, or portable skills, are qualities that are useful in any occupation across industries. Hiring employees with high levels of verbal reasoning facilitates an agile workforce. These individuals are able to effectively communicate their work to others in any context, act on communications and reports, and interpret textual data independently.

  1. Verbal Reasoning is Essential to Solving Complex Problems

Verbal reasoning skills go beyond basic rote memory skills and simple thought processes. Verbal reasoning involves the ability to analyze written or verbal information for details, and explain or evaluate the outcome. Individuals who can understand high-level instructions and fill in any missing or incomplete information to complete tasks on their own score high on eSkill’s listening skills test. An individual’s level of verbal intelligence predicts their ability to solve complex problems quickly and effectively.

Most tasks in volume hiring are repetitive and don’t require human brainpower. Let eSkill’s advanced technology automate the arduous and monotonous tasks of the pre-hiring and selection process and save valuable time and resources. eSkill’s software enables employers to create smart automation workflows, streamline the entire candidate selection process, customize assessments, and create pre-hire tests that improve hiring results.

eSkill’s user-friendly platform enables employers to leverage customizable skills tests to inform hiring decisions. By taking an objective approach to screening candidates’ skills and aptitude, organizations realize higher productivity levels and realize a reduction in staff turnover while saving time and money.

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