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It is no surprise that customer service is important in satisfying customers and making them loyal to your brand. However, knowing what goes into providing excellent customer service can be challenging at times, especially in light of advances in technology.

For almost 80% of consumers, the most important elements of customer service are speed and employee knowledge. While many companies have pivoted toward offering several access points for customers to reach their service departments, including live chats and email, CEOs and other leaders have found that 36% of Americans still prefer to contact customer service via phone.

This preference makes finding the right staff members for your customer service call centers essential. One of the challenges companies face when making these hires is figuring out how to test customer service skills. Luckily, eSkill has done the hard work of evaluating customer service competence and integrated that knowledge into our customer service skills tests.

eSkill’s Call Center Skills Tests

Like many soft skills, customer service skills can be challenging to measure accurately. Because they can be subjective, eSkill has worked hard to develop tests that fairly and accurately generate effective measurements of a candidate’s soft skills, including customer service.

With a library of over 800 subject- and job-based tests, eSkill has several customer service skills tests that you can use to assess your applicants. For example, you can choose the Call Center Customer Service Skills Test, which provides a general assessment of a candidate’s abilities. Or you can build a customized skills test specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

When you create your customized test, you have the option to combine multiple skills tests into a single test. For healthcare companies, you may bundle the Customer Service — Healthcare test with the Attention to Detail test to focus on particular skills. Or you can hand-pick questions from eSkill’s bank of over 5,000 validated test questions.

Simulation tests are another valuable tool in the eSkill repertoire. You can use the basic Inbound Call Center Simulation to assess how a candidate responds in a realistic environment. Or you can add your custom content to build a test that is even more closely targeted to your needs.

How to Test Customer Service Skills Using eSkill’s Talent Assessment Platform

Whatever test option you choose, you can add these call center skills tests to your application process by simply integrating them into your ATS software. Most ATS programs, like Bullhorn, can easily incorporate eSkill’s Talent Assessment Platform, making it easy to administer these skills tests to whichever applicants you choose.

You can decide whether you would like links to your customer service skills tests to be sent out to all applicants as part of your initial screening. Alternatively, you can manually send test links only to those candidates who pass through a more general sorting process.

Once the test links have been sent out, you can track candidate progress on eSkill’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, which gives you access to all of the testing information you might need. You can sort users based on their overall results, or you can go into each candidate’s results individually to see how they performed on each question.

The Benefits of eSkill’s Customer Service Skills Tests

Adding skills testing to your application process can save you both time and money. With eSkill, companies can shorten their hiring time by nearly 60% while saving 70% on hiring costs. You can avoid wasting precious resources by reducing the time HR departments have to spend going through applications and resumes from applicants who lack the necessary skills.

One major upside to skills testing is that it helps eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process. Because each candidate is assessed solely on their performance on a standardized, validated test, you can compare candidates without being swayed by external factors. This lack of subconscious bias can provide a significant boost to your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Most of all, though, customer service skills tests make it more likely that you will hire the right person for the job. This improved hiring can make onboarding and initial training much faster and ultimately result in positive results for your call center.

Computer Generated Solutions, Inc. found that candidates who scored well on their eSkill skills tests were more likely to perform well in their call center. Those who scored above 80% were more likely to earn fours and fives on their annual employee evaluations.

Interested in Learning How You Can Make Sure Your New Hires Have the Customer Service Skills to Succeed?

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