ESkill Best Hiring Assessments For Medical Staff

Amid a global health crisis, one of the most challenging factors in the healthcare industry is hiring qualified candidates for in-demand positions. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Health Care Outlook, staffing represents up to 70% of hospitals’ costs. So, finding and retaining top talent is a critical business issue.

Developing a systematic, evidence-based approach to evaluating candidates’ job-relevant competencies is essential to optimize the traditional talent acquisition model. To mitigate the risk of a mis-hires, employers must rely more heavily on consistent, unbiased, and accurate data, rather than subjective measures like unstructured interviews and previous experience.

eSkill’s extensive catalog of healthcare pre-hire assessment tests enables organizations to easily select and configure skills tests that align with any healthcare job. The results of skills tests provide employers with the objective and quantifiable data they need to make hiring decisions with predictive accuracy.

The Best Hiring Assessments for Medical Staff

From Medical Biller to Registered Nurse, Medical Transcriptionist, and Certified Nursing Assistant, the types of positions in the medical field and corresponding skill sets vary greatly. This is why eSkill has in-depth single-subject tests and comprehensive job-based pre hire assessment tests that employers can combine or edit to measure the required competencies of any healthcare job. 

Here is a look at eSkill’s top single-subject pre hire assessment tests for medical staff:

  1. Medical Terminology Skills Test: This test evaluates the candidate’s ability to understand and use medical terminology to document patient care with sufficient clinical specificity. This test tops our list because every healthcare professional needs to be familiar with basic medical terminology. 
    • Topics covered include the nervous and cardiovascular systems, infectious diseases, and the hematological system.
    • eSkill also offers a Dental Terminology Skills Test and a Pharmaceutical Terminology Skills Test. 
  1. Digital Literacy Skills Test: this test uses a job simulation and multiple-choice questions to evaluate candidates’ basic computer literacy. With over 86% of office-based clinicians and 95% of hospitals in the U.S. using electronic health records (EHR) systems and the recent uptick in virtual care due to the pandemic, administering a digital literacy skills test is critical to identifying candidates capable of knowledgeably navigating technology in the healthcare setting.
    • Topics covered include preparing and maintaining medical records, attention to detail, and basic computer literacy.
    • eSkill also offers simulations for multiple versions of MS Office Word and Excel, a G Suite Skills Test, and a Basic Computer Skills Test.
  1. Medical Coding Skills Test: This test evaluates candidates’ ability to understand and translate medical terminology written in patients’ charts into alphanumeric codes and enter the correct codes into patients’ EHRs.
    • Topics covered include anatomy and physiology, general coding guidelines, medical terminology, and legal aspects of insurance claims. 
  1. Customer Service – Healthcare Skills Test: This test evaluates a candidate’s ability to follow patient-centered best practices. As a shift from the volume-based care model to the high-value care model continues to progress, assessing candidates’ interpersonal skills for roles in the medical field is increasingly important.
    • Topics covered include handling patient complaints, general therapeutic communication, healthcare clerical duties, healthcare patient scenarios, the therapeutic approach to a grieving patient or family members, and providing healthcare support. 
  1. Medical Billing Skills Test: This test evaluates candidates’ ability to create patient bills from medical codes, process medical claims, and knowledge of medical billing practices. 
    • Topics covered include medical coding, legal and ethical concepts, health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and HIPAA.
    • eSkill also offers tests for specific accounting software such as Intuit QuickBooks. 

eSkill’s top comprehensive job-based skills tests for medical staff include: Registered Nurse, Physician Assistant, Medical Transcriptionist, Phlebotomist, Certified Nursing Assistant, Outpatient Scheduler, Medical Records, and Medical Director.

Configure Pre Hire Assessment Tests That Align with Your Unique Hiring Needs

eSkill’s user-friendly employment skills testing platform provides employers with options to customize and modify existing skills tests. Doing so enables hiring teams to directly align assessments with the required skills and knowledge for any healthcare position.

Customize Tests By:

  • Bundling multiple skills tests. Merge multiple skills tests into a single test to create a comprehensive pre hire assessment tests.
  • Editing questions. Select questions from eSkill’s Test Library to add to a skills test, delete individual questions, or bulk upload unique questions.
  • Selecting the difficulty level. Select from beginner, intermediate, or advanced questions when combining modular subjects or choose additional questions by difficulty level. 

Use the results of eSkill’s customizable employment pre hire assessment test to select top candidates with predictive accuracy. By taking a data-driven approach to talent selection, your turnover rate will decrease, and profitability will increase.

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