ESkill Top 5 Basic Computer Skills Tests For Hiring Remote Workers

The number of remote workers in the U.S. has been on the rise for years and the emergence of digital collaboration and communication tools has accelerated the trend. At the same time, a shortage of workers has prompted many employers to offer the option to work remotely part-time as an incentive. According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 29% of workers have the option to work from home with at least some frequency. These figures will undoubtedly increase.

The coronavirus pandemic is expected to have a lasting impact on how work is conducted. Remote work may become the ‘new normal’ making basic computer skills a minimum requirement for many jobs. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, 82% of middle-skill jobs in the U.S. required knowledge of and ability to use basic computer technology such as spreadsheets, digital forms, chat software, and online platforms.

Here is a look at the top five basic computer skills tests used to evaluate candidates for remote positions.

  1. MS Excel Skills Test

Data skills–the ability to organize and analyze data and make informed recommendations are some of the most common job requirements specified by hiring managers. If you need to create sales forecasts, monitor marketing results, or prepare financial reports, you need people on your team who know how to use Excel.

eSkill’s Excel Simulations and Skills Tests cover a variety of topics, including formulas and functions; formatting, managing, and editing workbooks; data analysis and pivot tables basics; creating and editing charts and graphs; printing and saving options; creating reports, and working with data.

Excel Simulations and Skills Tests are ideal for a variety of positions across industries, including Administrative Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Internet Researcher, Help Desk Technician, Cost Estimator, Sales Associate, and Marketing Associate. Since businesses use a wide variety of Microsoft Office versions, eSkill offers Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook skills tests in the XP, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 versions.

  1. MS Word Skills Test

eSkill’s MS Word Simulations and Skills Tests cover many topics, including file management, document editing, creating and using templates, formatting layouts, and tables, text navigation and settings, proofreading features, creating reports, setting up documents for printing, and working with references. The MS Word simulations prompt test-takers to perform tasks using the menus, toolbars, and short cut keys.

  1. Typing and Data Entry Skills Test

In the workplace, it’s no longer just clerical and administrative workers who need to be able to type quickly and accurately. Fast and accurate typing skills are required for most positions. eSkill’s Typing and Data Entry Skills Tests are specifically designed to measure candidates’ ability to input industry-relevant data accurately and efficiently into appropriate databases. These assessments prompt test-takers to transcribe text and audio recordings on a standard or 10-key keyboard.

eSkill’s typing and data entry tests predict job candidates’ ability to quickly produce and send error-free correspondence, accurately and efficiently complete forms and documentation, and complete administrative tasks unassisted. In addition to general typing and data-entry skills tests, eSkill offers employers a variety of job-based skills tests that include the evaluation of typing skills. These job-specific tests include Account Representative Skills Test, Administrative Coordinator Skills Test, Office Manager Skills Test, and many more.

  1. Email Skills Test

eSkill’s Email Skills Test makes it easy to find candidates who understand email functions, communicate clearly, and follow standard guidelines to relay information. The email skills test quickly identifies candidates capable of responsibly communicating via email.

eSkill’s email skills test evaluates candidates’ ability to:

  • compose meaningful correspondence;
  • follow procedures that ensure successful delivery to the appropriate contacts;
  • systematically organize emails to easily track, access, and reference information later;
  • and understand and utilize email functions, terms, and tactics.

Use eSkill’s email skills test to screen candidates for any position that requires employees to write, send, or receive email communications

  1. Basic Digital Literacy Simulation

It should come as no surprise that computer skills are vital for success in a wide variety of industries and occupations in the modern workplace. In today’s world, technology and the ability to navigate it, is quickly becoming one of the most common requirements listed in job postings. So, more and more companies are requiring basic computer skills tests during the job application process.

eSkill’s Digital Literacy Simulation Skills Test prompts test-takers to complete common tasks using basic computer applications such as Windows, email, and social media in an online environment.

In addition to these computer skills tests and simulations, eSkill offers hundreds of customizable job-based and single-subject assessments. Using assessments to measure candidates’ knowledge provides employers with the quantitative data needed to make informed hiring decisions and eSkill’s basic computer skills tests make hiring the right employees fast and effective.

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