ESkill Top 5 Administrative Clerical Skills Tests Used In Education

Top organizations understand the importance of workplace productivity. Productive workers improve the bottom line and keep the organization running smoothly. To ensure candidates for administrative and clerical positions have the skills needed to complete their work efficiently, HR professionals must carefully evaluate candidates.

Relying on job applicants to describe their skills and experience accurately and honestly is not enough. In a recent report, over half of hiring managers surveyed reported catching a lie on a resume. Thankfully, eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform enables HR professionals to make data-driven hiring decisions by administering skills tests by screening candidates early in the hiring process.

eSkill, an industry leader in pre-employment skills testing, offers a vast selection of customizable skills tests. These are the top five clerical and administrative assistant skills tests used for hiring in education.

  1. Administrative Assistant Skills Test

eSkill’s Administrative Assistant skills test covers multiple subjects to enable a comprehensive evaluation of administrative and clerical candidates in educational institutions. This test evaluates candidates’ ability to communicate professionally over the phone, by email, in writing, or in-person, and perform administrative tasks using various computer programs and applications. It also evaluates customer service, front desk skills, and event planning skills and includes an MS Office® simulation.

  1. MS Office® Skills Tests

For organizations to be competitive, they must hire staff who are proficient using productivity software such as MS Office®. Since it is so widely used across every industry, it is safe to say that eSkill’s MS Office® skills test is the most important computer skills test for administrative assistants and clerical workers.

Since organizations use different versions of MS Office® software, eSkill offers MS Office® Skills Tests in the XP, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 versions. Additionally, eSkill’s MS Office Simulations are available in varying degrees of difficulty—basic, intermediate, and advanced—to match the requirements of any position.

From Excel to Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, eSkill’s MS Office® skills tests measure candidates’ ability to work with databases basics, format and edit spreadsheets and reports, create and edit presentations and use proper email etiquette.

  1. Basic Digital Skills Test & Simulation

Not surprisingly, basic digital skills rank among the top requirements for administrative and clerical positions. In fact, 82% of middle-skill jobs in the U.S. such as clerical workers and administrative assistants require basic digital skills.

eSkill’s Digital Skills Simulation presents test-takers with real-world work scenarios so HR managers can evaluate basic digital skills such as their knowledge of basic cybersecurity practices, using online communication tools, organizing information and content, and using digital devices. The test covers several topics, including cybersecurity awareness, G Suite (formerly Google Apps), Google Chrome 10, Google Chrome 73, MS Office 2016 – Excel® Simulation, MS Office 2016 – Outlook® Simulation, MS Office 2016 – PowerPoint® Simulation, MS Windows 10® Simulation, MS Windows 10® for General Use, remote working, social media marketing, videoconference communication and etiquette, and web search skills.

  1. Basic Math Skills Test

Basic math skills are essential for many administrative and clerical positions in education. An administrative worker who has a thorough understanding of basic math principles must be able to accurately complete a wide range of tasks.

Evaluate candidates’ mathematical proficiency with eSkill’s Basic Math Skills Test The test addresses common workplace situations that clerical employees might face and includes questions that require test-takers to perform addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, convert percentages to decimals, and vice versa.

  1. Typing and Data Entry Skills Tests

Evaluating candidates’ typing and data entry skills enables hiring teams to identify candidates who can quickly and accurately process critical data. Hiring candidates with superior typing and data entry skills minimizes potential data entry errors, which increases operational efficiency.

eSkill’s typing and data entry skills tests require candidates to perform a variety of tasks, including transcribing voicemail messages, filling in forms, and editing existing data. eSkill’s extensive library of customizable and timed typing and data entry skills tests make identifying qualified candidates efficient and effective.

Configure a Comprehensive Assessment

eSkill has developed a comprehensive suite of clerical and administrative assistant skills tests to assist HR professionals in the education sector identify top talent. eSkill offers hundreds of customizable job-specific and skill-specific assessments that are designed to help HR managers evaluate skills required of clerical workers, including a variety of computer skills test for administrative assistants.

eSkill’s clerical and administrative assistant skills tests enable employers to make data-driven hiring decisions. Implement a hiring process that is efficient, effective, and legally compliant by leveraging eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform.

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