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With a user base of 1.2 billion, Microsoft Office® is the world’s most popular software application. Over 60 million commercial customers use Office 365, and around 50,000 new small business customers adopt it each month. MS Excel® is the most popular application in the suite and is used by 99.99% of global companies.

Why Microsoft Office Skills Tests Are Important

Most jobs in the U.S. require computer proficiency, and demand is increasing rapidly. According to a 2002 Brookings Institute study, 56% of jobs required low-level digital skills, 40% required medium-level digital skills, and 5% required high-level digital skills. By 2016, the share of jobs that required high-level digital skills jumped to 23%, the share that required medium-level digital skills increased to 48%, and the share requiring low-digital skills fell to 30%.

By 2030, 75% of jobs will require advanced digital skills, but around half of all workers in the construction, transportation, and storage industries have limited or no digital skills. More than 33% of workers in several other major sectors lack digital skills, including retail (37%), hospitality (36%), manufacturing (35%), and health and social work (33%).

According to the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), digital skills help people qualify for in-demand jobs that command higher salaries. The average US worker’s compensation increases by 4% for each 10% increase in information, communication, and technology requirements. However, the U.S. ranks 29th out of 100 countries for workforce digital knowledge and expertise in business, technology, and data science. Only one-third of U.S. workers possess even limited digital skills. One in six do not know how to use email, search the Internet, or use basic online tools.

Since computer proficiency is a critical requirement for many job positions, organizations partner with an industry-leading assessment provider such as eSkill to screen applicants accurately and efficiently. Job skills tests such as Microsoft Office skills tests enable HR teams to identify top candidates and move them to the next stage of their hiring process.

Other Uses for Microsoft Office Skills Tests

Job skills tests are typically administered online, and applicants simply answer questions. However, organizations have found many other uses for them, especially Microsoft Office skills tests. These are five other ways businesses use them.

  1. See Applicants “On-the-Job”: In addition to Microsoft Office skills tests, eSkill offers simulations that require applicants to perform job-related tasks. This enables hiring teams to see how they would handle typical job situations if hired. For instance, if you need to hire customer service representatives with solid Excel skills, you can require that candidates complete an Excel simulation with questions that replicate tasks they will be required to perform.
  2. Expedite New-Hire Onboarding: When new hires arrive on their first day, they usually undergo an orientation process that includes company information and training on job-related skills. Sometimes this process is wasteful because the new employee already knows or understands some of the material. Organizations can use job skills tests to establish a “benchmark” that shows what new hires already know and where they need more help so they can speed up the onboarding process.
  3. Training and Development: HR and Learning/Development teams can use job skills tests to identify knowledge “gaps” on teams, within departments, and companywide. Once they know staff members’ strengths and weaknesses, they can develop personalized training programs that help employees improve their performance in their current jobs and develop skills that will help them get promoted to more challenging roles.
  4. Find “Promotable” Employees: When HR teams post a new position, they sometimes find the perfect candidate already works for their company. HR and training teams can use job skills tests to identify current staff who are a good fit for newly created positions, are ready for new challenges, or could be promoted if provided with additional training.
  5. Avoid Legal Problems: Assessments like Microsoft Office skills tests measure ability and are structured according to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines and established fair hiring practices. This means job skills tests protect your business from legal challenges due to unfair hiring practices. After almost 20 years and thousands of job skills tests administered, eSkill has a perfect compliance record, the best in the assessment industry.

Maximize Job Skills Testing in Your Organization

Organizations worldwide have implemented job skills testing programs so their HR teams can make hiring decisions based on hard data. Now they are discovering the advantages of using assessments such as Microsoft Office skills tests to improve onboarding, training, employee development, and compliance with local and federal hiring laws and regulations.

Do you want to learn how to use assessments such as Microsoft Office skills tests to improve hiring, streamline onboarding, training, and ensure legal compliance with hiring laws? Contact us to request a demo.

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